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CompanyNHN Design
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TruArt is an art education company that provides innovative art education for children, from Kindergarten to elementary school. Embracing the belief that every child possesses innate artistic ability and a spirit of creation, the company's mission is to nurture and develop their creativity. With a primary focus on engaging their target audience—little kids—the branding concept was thoughtfully crafted to effectively communicate the company's mission by creating a brand identity that conveys playfulness, fun, and vibrant youthful energy.

Hyena Nam is an award-winning graphic designer whose work has been recognized nationally and internationally. She is also a design researcher and educator. Originally from South Korea, her design practice has been based in both Korea and the USA. She has worked with clients ranging from corporations to independent businesses in both countries. Nam's design expertise specializes in Art Direction and Graphic Design for a wide range of print and digital applications.