PrizeOfficial Selection in Illustrate (graphic)
CompanyFacialBeau International Corporation
ArtistPenny Zhang,Chih Chi Lo
Design TeamFacialBeau International Corporation,Uvisual communication Ltd.
ClientFacialBeau International Corporation
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Nearsightedness is ubiquitous in modern society, and the eyewear industry is responding by offering cosmetic contact lenses, which allow people to show off their personal style. AQUAMAX is based on the sunny vitality of California, and the brand’s unique “flowing water” aesthetic perfectly embodies a mercurial and unrestrained philosophy, epitomizing an urban lifestyle as well as nourishment, comfort, and nature. In recent years, AQUAMAX has also expanded to the skincare sector, and is actively calling on all Aquamaxers to work together for a greener and brighter future.