Revitalization of Rasulbagh Children's Park

PrizeOfficial Selection in Build (architecture)
CompanyShatotto - Architecture For Green Living
ArtistProf. Md. Rafiq Azam
Design TeamAdhora Sharmin, Arifur Rahman Kaushik, Anika Asif, Ratri, Mantasha, Engr. Lutfor Rahman
ClientDhaka South City Corporation (DSCC)
CreditAsif Salman
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Rasulbagh district in Old Dhaka was a poorly maintained, inaccessible barren space that promoted massive waterlogging, vagrancy, drug dealing, and various anti-social activities that took away the happiness and caused frustration for the dwellers. With this thoughtful intervention, the boundary of frustration around the locals was broken down and now features a proper rainwater harvesting system which prevents waterlogging and provides free drinking water, a sports field, a playground, seating areas, walkways, a library, a gym, a coffee shop, a community hall, public restrooms and more.