Hainan Runze Danzhou Yerong Golden Beach Rest Station

PrizeOfficial Selection in Build (architecture)
CompanyChina Construction Northeast Design Institute
ArtistCao Hui;Shi Hui
Design TeamYe Changsen; Pan Lei; Wang Yingrui; Wang Tianyao; Ma Guoqiang;
ClientRunze Technology Development Co., Ltd. ,Langfang, China
Creditcao hui studio

The design draws inspiration from Hainan's magnolia flowers. The architecture consists of four graceful petals surrounding a central atrium. Multiple functional spaces seamlessly integrate, forming a cohesive whole. The design aims to embrace the site's unique geographical setting, featuring an external view and a balcony that extends to the outside. The building is poised to emerge as a significant cultural landmark on Hainan Island. We have meticulously designed a glass pathway connecting the architectural site. The project is currently on hold and will be built in the future.