Stollwerck Residence

PrizeOfficial Selection in Build (architecture)
CompanySalpietra & Gajdos Architects, S.R.O.
ArtistAndrej Alan Daniel Gajdos
Design TeamMartin Simonides
Client3DUBY PARK, a.s.
CreditSalpietra & Gajdos Architects, S.R.O.

The site is situated at one of the „gates“ to inner city, at the intersection of main infrastructural artery and local loop road. The project is set into its surrounding following the principles of completing the street-line, marking the corner, creating a visual gateway point, providing inner open space, and creating perimeter open space for possible future connections. Taller street-front corner building marking the intersection and shorter slightly pushed-back building are positioned within the site in such way that allows for central public plaza - a focal point of the development.

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