Giraffe chair

PrizeOfficial Selection in Create (art)
CompanyGeoz Design
ArtistEvarzeg Ginguene
CreditFlo G.

When we think of availability, we often think of procuring new materials and disregarding those in landfill which could be upcycled. Africa, one of the most populated continent on earth but also the least polluting. With 0.46kg of solid waste per capita per day, its impact is minimal. As a tribute to those who have few but pay the price of mass consumption, I created a product made of leftover cardboard and polystyrene to show African beauty in incarnating a Giraffe, so elegant, so fragile, as a chair.

Trained as a Furniture designer then Industrial designer, Evarzeg Ginguene founded Geoz Design, a multi-disciplinary studio born from the wish of offering a different aesthetic, aiming at pushing boundaries when it comes to common understanding of space, line and refinement. His practice crosses the frontiers between art and design creating a bridge with his techno-craft approach. Keeping in mind that often a studio might have either a too technical or too artistic approach, Geoz Design tries to offer the right balance to give this "je ne sais quoi" to its works.