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45.5 X 33.3 X 1.7cm Created on November 30, 2023 The perfectly closed, lightless darkness is so dark that you cannot even recognize yourself, and there is nothing but fear. We often realize how little light we were protected by in our daily lives. A small light in true darkness has a great impact on one's surroundings, allowing one to see the shape of things, one's own figure, and where one is. It is the disclosure of information by sight. The light spilling through the small gap looks weak and feeble, but at the same time, it gives a strong sense of hope.

Born in Aomori, Japan and raised in Hokkaido. After graduating from Joshibi University of Art and Design with a degree in Western painting, she had not been working, but resumed her artist activities in August 2021. Ibuki creates paintings in which metallic foil is chemically reacted with sulfur under the theme of "Is the passage of time the degeneration or evolution of man? The black color used is not black paint, black ink, sumi ink, or lacquer, but the black created by Ibuki is a black created by chemically changing silver or metal foil with sulfur, meaning "change" with decadent beauty.