Rorschach#déséquilibres / Rorschach#imbalances

PrizeOfficial Selection in Create (art)
ArtistAMARGER Brigitte

My work undoubtedly fashions a reflection on humanity and nature. This series questions genetic, physical or psychological imbalances, misleading appearances, the complexity of our body. It was created from the remains of paper and x-rays tests and cutouts, made for the space installation: ''The Fall''. They were previously thought out symmetrically in order to be reused for this project, then reworked, painted or engraved according to what they evoked for me. Sensitive to ecological issues, they were created by recycling discarded materials in an eco-responsible perspective using all waste.

AMARGER is working predominantly with medical imagery and new technologies, in large-scale installations, playing with the aesthetic factors of transparency and reflection. Her work unquestionably fashion a reflection about human, its place in the society, the universe and the nature. She has a deep-rooted interest for the scientific and medical world and is best known for large-scale X Rays installations and discarded materials artworks. Sensitive to ecological issues, she finds in her artistic practice a symbolic double direction: create artworks by recycling discarded materials.