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CompanyMarina Black
ArtistMarina Black
CreditMarina Black
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Dashing back and forth, thought wanders. It is related to looking. I need a momentary glimpse—a slight clearing in the midst of an incongruous landscape—and from there, I try to piece together the perfect land, made of fragments mixed with signals one sends out, not knowing who receives them. The clearing takes time: first, patience, vibrations, attention, then humility. My train through Piedmont flashes past villages and hills. Because my window is my companion for re-looking, I am fascinated with the perception of light & darkness. In the fog, the self remains fluid, loading with perpetuity.

Marina Black is a photographer living in Canada. Black originally studied history and painting. She received her BA in History, and Masters of Fine Arts. While her interest in either hasn’t diminished, it has added new dimensions to her photography. She combines fiction with reality, the past with the present. Her visual style is a look at the present through ‘a rear-view mirror’ in order to see what’s coming, and can be read as meditations on culture, time, memory, or the nature of human experience as a means of self-exploration and self-knowledge.