Tequila Snapshots: From Dead To The Living

PrizeOfficial Selection in Create (art)
CompanyJOC Art
ArtistJowita Czachor

"Imagine a dove, looking for some food. And a bread, that wouldn't be recalled..." - Deciphero

Born 1981 in Poland. BFA in 2004 with the specialization in Easel Painting. Receiving academic teachings was followed by years of figuring out a way to the total freedom of expression, to reveal the pearls of the subconscious, as a power-magnets from another realm. Artist moved to The Kingdom of The Netherlands in 2016, and since then was living a regular life of an expat... The 2020 was a year of staying home. And as such, it was a great blessing for our hero to continue the aesthetic expression path as enhanced and anew. She doesn't hesitate to be against all odds, with love and courage.