surreal dreams

PrizeOfficial Selection in Create (art)
CompanyMathias Kniepeiss
ArtistMathias Kniepeiss
Credit"surreal dreams" by Mathias Kniepeiss

"Surreal Dreams" is a mesmerizing exploration of the boundless realms that unfold within the tapestry of our subconscious minds. With each stroke of the artist's brush, ethereal landscapes materialize, merging the fantastical and the intangible. The canvas becomes a portal to a dreamscape where reality blurs, and imagination takes flight.

As a passionate painter and trained graphic designer, I have been dealing with the topics of creativity, visualization and application of new technologies since my youth. At the age of 23 I turned another hobby into my profession and traveled the world as a photographer. In 2014 I started to create my own projects as an art director which has led to amazing awards at Art Basel Miami, Biennale Venice and many more.