PrizeOfficial Selection in Decorate (interior)
CompanyKoshulynskyy & Mayer
ArtistDanylo Koshulynskyy, Karina Mayer
Design TeamDanylo Koshulynskyy, Karina Mayer
CreditAndriy Bezuglov
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270 square meters of absolutely Instagram beauty! #RIVIERA is a house with a lot of space for a family with two children and a dog. An ideal balanced mix of Italian and Ukrainian producers. All the first floor is dedicated to the possibilities of spending time together, thanks to many exclusive objects, ranging from the practical to the incredibly sophisticated and artistic ones. A luxurious dream sofa made according to the designers‘ concept and an exclusive chandelier. The second floor is dedicated to the private areas: the master bedroom with a bathroom and a stylish kids’ room.

Koshulynskyy & Mayer is a Ukrainian design studio specialized in the development and implementation of private properties and real estate projects. Architect Danylo Koshulynskyy and designer Karina Mayer share a special attitude to design and attention to art and good taste, trying to highlight in each project the space as a reflection of the client's habits and personality. Applying their knowledge and experience, and engaging with the best specialists during the different phases, they strive to create a comfortable and stylish space in any condition. We bring your imagination to life!