Transforming Grief: Loss & Togetherness in COVID-19

PrizeOfficial Selection in Create (art)
CompanyPrime Access Consulting Inc.
ArtistCorey Timpson
Design TeamSina Bahram, Rob Itri Vincent, Robin Marquis, Maria Braswell, Anna Chiaretta Lavatelli, JJ Hunt, James Scholes, Sam Shaw, Rehab Ahmed, Isabel Del Castillo, Luke Leiby, Alexandra Terec, Raven Spiratos, Armando Perla, Heather George
ClientToronto History Museums, City of Toronto
CreditCredit: Anna Chiaretta Lavatelli/Prime Access Consulting
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In 2020 COVID-19 swept across Tkaronto/Toronto forcing many to change how they go about daily lives and interact with each other. Two curators working for the City of Toronto endeavoured to collect and share these stories. The project they launched resulted in a community developed, co-curated, mixed and transmedia exhibition that fully embraces Prime Access Consulting's (PAC) Inclusive Design Methodology. The exhibition surfaces the impact of Covid-19 on communities for which museums have historically been unwelcoming spaces, in an inclusively accessible manner.