Zhangjiajie Brocade Museum

PrizeOfficial Selection in Build (architecture)
CompanyZhang Hua Studio, Tianjin Uni. Arch.Design&Urban Plan Research Institute Co,. Lt
ArtistHua Zhang
Design TeamQingwen Sun, Qing Guo, Qian Li, Qian Wang
ClientZhangjiajie Hailan Tourism and Culture Investment Co., LTD

Tujia brocade is a national intangible cultural heritage.This design adopts the self similarity concept of fractal geometry and applies the generation principle of projection geometry to project the geometric pattern of the previous facade onto adjacent planes, with decreasing levels.In terms of design techniques,the facade of the Brocade Museum extracts the typical characteristics of Tujia brocade - most Tujia brocades are composed of simple geometric patterns.The Brocade Museum combines the local natural environment to create a courtyard style layout.