The Wishful Knot Red Packet Design

PrizeHonorable Mention in Graphic Design
ArtistTryde Leung - Managing Director, Mike Wong - Creative Director, Shayne Chan - Senior Art Director, Coleen Law - Art Director, Zoe Lau - Project Manager, Hong Chan - Studio Artist
Design TeamPhotographer - Studio O Print Production - Champion Production & Design
ClientKelly Services Hong Kong

Red packet is a tradition in Chinese culture. During Chinese New Year, a lot of corporate companies will distribute customise red packets to their clients as a seasonal greeting, while promoting company’s business nature at the same time. This custom made CNY red packet is for Kelly Service HK. This pack of red packets come with a gold colour packaging carrying 10 pieces of gold colour red packets, plus a specially hand sewed green red packet. The gold line sewed on the green packet represent "network" and "bonding" brings by Kelly Services, and they form a round shape, which means "fulfilment", "complete" in Chinese culture. The red packet can also be transform into a Chinese decoration by adding yellow strings.