The Demeanor of Luxury

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design
University/SchoolFeng Chia University
ClientPrivate Client

A luxury real estate should be like a gentleman, great and outstanding form, modest and gentle attitude, bright and contained expression… Because of reduction, there is room to lay out ease and grace. The large-span ceiling is decorated with dark green coating, short beams are transformed into an extending block surface. The suspended wall covers the straight line of sight and airflow to balcony, without blocking the daylighting of porch. Openly hide the wind and gather “qi” together. Double moving lines in the thorough living and dining rooms distinguish outside social field from their daily life, making the space level clearer. The surface finishes of marble differ as the location changes. Polished walls can best show the texture beauty of natural stone. Considerate planning is a foundation of comfortable life.