The Artful and Warm Residence

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design
ArtistChen-Chuan Tang

The ingenious ideas from the designer are requisite for creating the design style and quality when making a sweet home in the meantime, so that the people can feel the sense of warm in a cold space. Situated in the center of Banqiao City, the building at the old-fashioned community is adjacent to the Lin Family Mansion and Garden. At the beginning of this project, the female owner expected that she can live in a place both stylish and warm, the ideas becoming the concepts for the interior design. In the public area composed of the living room, dining room, and study room, the delicate and comfortable atmosphere is created by combining the simple but precise colors and materials with the white ceiling, bright-colored wooden walls and storage cabinet, grey furniture, metallic black frieze, scattered mirrors and glass window lattices, and geometric wall cabinet.