PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design
ArtistLori Carroll, Debra Gelety

Color has everything to do with setting the tone in a space; adding light orchestrates the perception of that color. When designing this alluring powder room, the rich hues in the specialty paint finish and a glass bead wall covering became the backdrop for layers of light, each highlighting elements that make this bathroom unique. To illustrate, dazzling sconces guide the way in to this powder room. Hand-formed, angle cut crystal rods are infused with mineral crystalline that creates a spectacular display over the vanity. Nearby, another level of lighting provides depth as it illuminates the polished onyx countertop and glass sink from underneath; elevating the natural veining of the stone as well as the amber radiance of the vessel. Textured metal banding serves as backsplash and apron around the countertop; another aesthetic element among many that shine on their own, giving this powder room an exclusive yet soothing look.