PrizeHonorable Mention in Painting
ArtistAlireza Mirzarezaee

As a deaf artist, my world is very visual with poetic and dreamy environment while strongly resists sentimentalism and fleeting emotionalism and keep its distance from falling into a purely romantic and thoughtless state. Visual rhythms and formal swings are the most important features in my paintings composition. In this process, something like the futurist behavior with figure is formed and an alternate movement possesses the canvas and the viewer's eye. Objects and figures are in distance, taken away, they are flying or are seen in a colorful outer space. In creating my paintings, I benefit from an applicable exciting visual expressive language and line orientation and forms are more important than coloring. My coloring palette is not so diverse, but my dancing and intensity of brush in canvas beside sharp contrast and taking advantages of white areas in my canvas play a leading role in creating an epic and influential painting.