The Journey Home

PrizeHonorable Mention in Writing
ArtistCharlotte Douglas

The Journey home is a chidren's picture book that offers a message of hope and eternal love for young children learning to live without a loved one. A ray of sunshine during difficult times. Kiki and Oscar, with the help of Alexandra and Maksim, their angel friends, share a beautiful story about how their beloved Granny went back to heaven to be with Grandpa, Scottie, their cheeky dog, and all her friends who went home before her. Granny's love for Kiki, Oscar, and their parents, is still very much alive. Kiki and Oscar teach their parents how Grandma tells them of her eternal love for them and of her joy and happiness to be back with Grandpa. Her language is now one of colourful rainbows, dancing butterflies and other wonderful signs for Kiki and Oscar to recognise. See if you can find the bright shining yellow star on each page!