Eve's Glory

PrizeHonorable Mention in Photography
ArtistA. Tamboly

Ithas been a hundred years since the First World War . The proud women of today demonstrate The prestige of military uniforms of the Second Industrial Revolution until the end of the Weimar Republic . My project “Eve’s Glory” aims to highlight the contrast between this history and the pride and “glory” with today’s modern women. In my new project, I intend to explore the visual impossibility of presenting women in uniforms. I am interested in challenging the conventional ways in which female is presented in visual arts. Women in fashion magazines, TV commercials, and mainstream films, are usually dressed in a way that speaks naturally to a structure of social expectations characterized by a sharp division between masculinity and femininity, dominance and passivity, toughness and delicacy. I see that such a one- dimensional way of presenting women risks failing to capture those who are in a state of internal or, amongst