The black and white abstract mudflat of Xiapu

PrizeHonorable Mention in Photography
ArtistThierry Bornier

Xiapu It is a place to see rural Chinese fishing, collecting seaweed, farming, and coming in and going out in their boats and flat bottomed push boats. The people are relatively poor, and even the houses look old as from the times of the Cultural Revolution. The farmers work their gardens on nearby hills with hand tools, and enjoy tea and small cakes at breaks. In addition to its tiger-striped beaches, bamboo structures and poles, buoys and fishing vessels provide human counterpoints to the natural beauty of this area.The bamboo poles, stone columns and fish nets are usually put into the mudflat to dry laver, kelp and other marine products. When the sun and sets, the tide rises and falls occurs, all the things on the beach, including bamboo poles, fishing boats and fishing nets can form various spectacular and fantastic sceneries.