Romanticized Nature

PrizeHonorable Mention in Photography
ArtistManfred Daams & Mette Hansen

Romanticized Nature Appearing to be photographed but not being a photograph either. A generation’s sentiment of nature is portrayed in the imagery of Hansen and Daams. It reflects a longing for freedom, deceleration and devotion. This Generation longs to perceive “true” nature and cares to harness it in a “native” way. People envision nature remote from industrialization, even though it is very much affected by it. On the one hand nature is emotionalized through one´s past. Otherwise - swayed by a sustainable and future oriented zeitgeist - Marketing and Design influences our idea of nature and vice versa. Thus, the composition of the images and their appealing romanticized aesthetics, produces a pretended feeling of depth and well-being. In opposition stands the shift of focus and perspective as well as a planar figurative language and impeccable, reiterating and reduced interior. This illuminates the fact of an industrial affected conception of nature.