The Garamond Autopsy Report

PrizeHonorable Mention in Graphic Design
ArtistLauren Kimrey-Sanders

This is a student project where I was assigned a font and had to develop a system of communication materials showcasing a hypothetical typographic exhibit at the Museum of Design Atlanta. Adobe Garamond was given and was inspired by Robert Slimbach studying and dissecting the original specimens of Claude Garamond’s font. The investigation and fact finding of an autopsy and crime scene lead me to The Garamond Autopsy Report. I created a promotional booklet to show the steps of an autopsy and how Robert Slimbach might have approached his dissection. Each page explores different aspects of the Adobe Garamond font. I wanted to give the poster a playful feel by having the detectives inspecting the font. For the postcards I wanted to show little glimpses of the exhibit without giving away too much. I wanted the letterhead and envelope to tie in with the personality and feel of the exhibit.