PrizeHonorable Mention in Photography
CompanyTheir little faces
ArtistJoanne Widart

"Prometheus" is inspired by the Greek myth. This series is a reflection on the place of the human being in nature, as well as on human nature itself. The human being is born naked, and unlike other living beings, it is not naturally suited to the natural world. It lacks instinct, natural protection, and any biological tools attached to the body. What makes a human being "human", what characterizes and differentiates it from other species, are a combination of bipedalism, the use of both hands and opposable thumbs, language, and the ability to think and plan. Many of these are not natural attributes, but cultural acquisitions.I wanted to strengthen the artificial nature of the human being and the efforts it has to make to survive in the wild. The framework I have chosen is symbolic: Iceland, although beautiful, naturally hostile to the human being. Earth where nature takes back its rights…

Joanne conceives photography as a way of expressing and liberating ourselves. A way to travel internally and create our own reality. During her childhood, Joanne studied to become a pianist. Like music, she sees photography as a powerful means of conveying emotions. She started in photography by realizing conceptual self-portraits.