If a hawk beats too strong with its wings, it changes our Mother Earth

PrizeHonorable Mention in Other
ArtistMadeleine Josephine Fierz, Switzerland From the stories, impressions and numerous photographs, I then compose art images, like a musician playing his Symphony with different instruments of digital opportunities.

The metaphor of the Hawk, changes the world by beating his wings should inspire us what each person could do for our Mother Earth. Nothing is as it was. The forest is the lung of the earth, and he will continue to be cut down. When the earth returns finally, the dry desert lies ahead of her. She begins to bow to the forces of nature. She lies naked on the ground. But nature begins catch her. Only the Hawk has remained her. This theme is worked out in great detail and lovingly in the photo collage. Disillusionment follows but in the desert a few green plants can be found. But the polar ice caps continue to melt, wherein the climate has become unpredictable. Each viewer should be able to empathize with the images and use his own imagination.