Is Photography Art

PrizeHonorable Mention in Art Thesis
ArtistSebahat Ersoy

Is Photography Art? Photography is, without doubt, art as long as it has original dimension. A photo without any original dimension which is taken by ordinary person available there is nothing but a document and is not a piece of art. On the other hand, the photo with original dimension and creative point of view is both utterly different and a piece of art. Artist doesn’t look from the same point of the view already known by others. Artist creates a new window opening to brand-new scenery which is not seen at that time. This is what makes art invaluable, I think. Claiming that the photo without any original dimension which can be described as only documents is art is the attitude of low consciousness and is one of the most important reasons why the question inscribed in the title is asked so frequently.

She graduated from the Department of Computer Engineering, Istanbul University. She has been awarded with many prizes from internationally prestigious competitions for her photographs. Her photographs have been exhibited in group exhibitions arranged in important art centers such as Center for Photographic Art, The Center for Fine Art Photography and New York Center for Photographic Art. Her short film, The Far End, has been included in official anthology in many festivals. She continues her works with an interdisciplinary aspect.