Site:System 2.1 by Princeton Audio

PrizeHonorable Mention in Audio/music
ArtistMichael Pelland

Music is an art. It transcends culture and time, bringing people together through its harmonic language. When a speaker is its medium, each listener deserves no less than authentic replications of the music they cherish. The Site:System 2.1 is an answer to an innate need, a demand for sound that embodies the essence its creator strived to communicate. Each modular member of this portable, wireless system is fully customizable and masterfully handcrafted from premium, instrument-quality tonewoods, providing the purest resonation and cleanest sound. Forgoing the musical slight of plastic boxes, the composition of visually stunning triangular cabinets is driven to give justice to the music they play. Princeton Audio is based in rural Princeton, WI. As its namesake, its hometown community is the backbone that drives the company. They are joined in toils and successes sharing the vision of growing together and fueling the rural reclamation they fight for.