Fan Of Japan

PrizeHonorable Mention in Digital
CompanyEvelyn Curry Art

Photo Montage Travel Art. Currently I live in Japan, so therefore I am immersed in, and celebrating all things Japanese. The distinctive seasons: Autumn Reds and Oranges, to Spring Pinks. I am a fan of Japan. Each piece is comprised of 20-35 photographs taken from around Japan and different times of the year. These photos have been arranged and collaged together to form new images, scenes, memories; capturing the totality, the essence of being in a place.

I digitally manipulated and arranged photographs to create one new image using Photoshop. Its a complete sense of being in that place. One visual scene capturing the totality of my travel experience. They reflect my memories: often distorted and dreamlike in their composition. They are arranged jigsaw pieces expressing how it felt to be in that place, with a sense of time having had passed.