The Introspection of Being Human; Being Composed, Being at Ease with Oneself

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design
ArtistIuan Kai Fang
ClientPrivate Client

The designer makes the interior space filled with narratives from the entire atmosphere. Presenting a residence with the spirit of generosity, in the style of oriental humanity, the designer creates the steady and restrained atmosphere by using uncarved materials, the complete sandalwood cut and pieced into walls which are mildly odoriferous in steadiness and correspondent to humanity from the perspectives of visual and smell. The designer demonstrates the spirits of either “introspection” or “easiness”, respectively on different floors, the 11 and 12 floor. The abundant variations of light and shadow, and the alternating uses of direct and indirect lightings, bring about atmosphere with different qualities when building successfully a warm place.