The Flowing Forest

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design
ClientLongchang Ceramic Co., Ltd.
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The idea of flowing time, created by the designer, in this museum looks forward to the future from history and keeps an eye on the dialogues between fashion and life. Therefore, this idea corresponds to the ambitions of best quality and globalization. Extending the idea mentioned above, the designer applies the contrast of light and shade and the space of sense and sensibility in the exhibition hall, the place of atrium that is matched with black glossy walls and white marble polished floor. The wall surface is decorated with the scattered key words and the product figures, the design that let the visitors instantly concentrate and feel the idea and core value in this company when coming into the exhibition center. The company value, spirit, and exhibition of products are present in the delicate and meaningful space by ingenious design, as if people experience a journey in the meditated forest.