PrizeHonorable Mention in Photography
CompanyTheir little faces
ArtistJoanne Widart

"Freemind" is inspired by the film "A man escaped" by Robert Bresson. "Dreams allow the creation of bridges between the craziest ideas and the most ambitious acts" (A. Titus). Through these self-portraits, I wish to raise the importance and the necessity of dreaming. The harsh reality of life and the standards imposed by our society are among the driving factors. Dreaming is the only act that gives us access to the most intimate and the most hidden part of our being, and frees us from the constraints of society. In seeking to give importance to our dreams, it's as if we allow ourselves to live and exist in another reality without social masks. In dreaming, we let our imagination run free. In helping us to look at the world in a state of wonder, the imagination enables us to love the world and believe in him. Dreams have no censorship, they are as vast as our imagination...

Joanne conceives photography as a way of expressing and liberating ourselves. A way to travel internally and create our own reality. During her childhood, Joanne studied to become a pianist. Like music, she sees photography as a powerful means of conveying emotions. She started in photography by realizing conceptual self-portraits.