PrizeHonorable Mention in Photography
ArtistKatarzyna Nizinkiewicz

Is there still any real wilderness in Europe? I am trying to find it since many years. There are for sure some areas where I meet almost no people (even less then 1 person for 3 days) but even there civilisation is somehow visible. In this work I am showing photographs of buildings which I fond wandering in different lonely and empty places in Europe: Lapland, Pyrenees, Alps, Apeninnes. Behind each one is a story- reindeers keepers cabin, 50 years old Italian bivouacs- still open even for strangers,French cabana on famous long distance path- private but open, tiny snack bar in the middle of nowhere, sometimes offering cheap cofee... In civilisation that all would be poor and anonymous, in the wilderness is unique, important and helpful. So, wilderness still exists- it is another, separate world. There is no postproduction in that photographs, I made all in camera, on place. Showing my self as a transparent shadow I wanted to say: we-people are temporary but this what we do stays for years.