La petite mort

PrizeHonorable Mention in Photography
ArtistGregor Petrikovic Helena McFadzean
Design TeamGregor Petrikovic and Helena McFadzean

A post-modern Adam and Eve captured basking in their last moment before the fall. This series is an exploration of anticipatory indifference. The utter serenity we feel when engaging in the highest of earthly pleasures – shared intimacy, blissful coexistence, creates an isolated atmosphere, removing us from the forces of the external world. We carve nooks in other people and seek refuge where there is no permanent home. We relish the illusion of stasis, untouched by the imminent projections of life. Comforted by the excess of our love, highly concentrated bliss implies a lack thereof in the world surrounding us. Much like earthly growth, love is simultaneously life and decay.