Martineau Gardens

PrizeHonorable Mention in Photography
ArtistAlex Drozd

Martineau Gardens is a community garden, a place both beautiful and fascinating, a real jewel for visitors to experience, especially so close to the city centre in Birmingham England. I photographed the garden at rest, taking a breather between the busier times. I tried to intrude as little as possible and only took from the experience what was offered. I kept returning to images which resonated with my past experiences, those which conjured memories. Some were memories of childhood, times spent exploring my parents back garden discovering the natural world and even gathering spiders’ webs in folded over twigs. This was a time of wonder, where the world began to open up to a very inquiring young mind. Other memories were residues of other peoples’ experiences; abandoned tools or toys, marks made by gardeners, chairs with imprint of occupation still fresh.