The Article – Coffee Table

PrizeHonorable Mention in Sculpture
ArtistGuy Gee

Inspired by a British Vogue cover my aunt was on in March 1968, I wanted to find a way to immortalize the old magazine, allowing the cover to be displayed in a striking and functional manner. There has always been a relationship between the magazine and the coffee table, so for this reason I decided the coffee table was the perfect object to embody this relationship. The covers are easily interchangeable for the purpose of successive releases, allowing the buyer to have the most recent cover on display but also have the option of a fixed vintage cover of their choice. It comprises of 12 main laser cut components: seven aluminium pages, four parts to the steel frame and an aluminium cover. Envisaged target audiences include publishing houses for lobbies, exhibitions, ad agencies, comics, Penguin Books, Lego manuals and for public sale. Designed and made in London – England.