Paperclip to Spaceship

PrizeHonorable Mention in Product Design
ArtistKalyani Puranik

As a designer, how can I make an impact through interactive learning for the betterment of our environment? More than ever, now is a need to act on recycle, reuse and reduce of the resources. Plastic is a multi purpose material, overused which needs to for our better future. Kids, of age 8-10 years are my target audience as they represent the future and it is necessary for them to understand what is good and bad for the environment. I chose Interactive learning as a method to teach as it makes them adapt the knowledge quicker. I got in touch with a school in UK and tested out paper prototypes with the kids. For my products, I made a gradient colour scheme as plastic can be mixed with any colour. The final box would be a combination of all the information about plastic, and will be delivered to each school.