He is so obsessed with me (Online story)

PrizeHonorable Mention in Photography
ArtistMarja Saleva
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The online work He is so obsessed with me is a personal story about a single woman around her forties. It can be viewed at www.heissoobsessedwithme.com. In my photos I reflect my feelings and experiences bare and straight. Through mundane situations I show the pleasure and the pain, the mess and the glitter. The online story consists of more than 3 000 images and text. The viewer has to interact with the narrative, arriving constantly at crossroads where he/she has to choose which way to go. There are an innumerable amount of alternative storylines. My approach to photography is expressive and experimental. Through the rough working process the images lose their connection to reality and become representations of dreams, fantasies and feelings. In my work I deal with the subjectivity and unreliability of seeing, experiencing, remembering and narrating.

Marja Saleva is a Finnish visual artist and photographer living in Helsinki (b. 1975). She worked as a journalist for several years before getting involved with photography. She studied photography at the Turku Arts Academy and graduated in 2013. Before that she finished her Master’s Degree in Social Sciences at the University of Turku in 2001.