Tous les matins du monde

PrizeHonorable Mention in Photography
ArtistFrancis MESLET

One privilege I particularly appreciate when offered to me is to be able to walk around the corridors of a ruined castle, a palace, a mansion or villa. The thought that invariably comes to mind is how is it possible that such majestic places are today in such a state having known so many splendours? Simply to know how to enjoy the view of these spaces, to enter with the utmost discretion and walk around with the greatest respect. I wait for the day to dawn and try to understand how the architects and decorators devised such places, invariably admiring the increasing light. I become a châtelain during my incognito visit and take the greatest pleasure in imagining what life was like for the occupants, finding the best angles to take pictures and leave discreetly where I came in, gladly leaving my noble title behind when I push back the shutter.

A graduate in Design from the Fine Art School of Nancy in 1986, early in his career Francis Meslet was a designer, but soon turned to advertising when he joined several agencies as an artistic director. After 30 years spent questioning the creative concept and studying images in all his compositions, he is now a creative director. Francis does not hesitate to roam the world in his spare time, searching for abandoned sites, sanctuaries where time seems to have stopped after humans have evacuated them. He thus brings back melancholic images of his travels to the other side of the world.