PrizeShortlist in Architectural Design, Finalists in Architectural Design
ArtistKris Lin

1.There are two blocks in façade design; one is dark color, the other is light color; they stand for two elements that are “Yin” and “Yang” of Tai Chi respectively. These two blocks are In Opposition To Each Other but Mutual and Harmonious Existence, and they are integrated to become a complete one. 2.In the meantime, we adopt clean and tidy lines and three dimensional cutting of sculpture technique with the esthetics concept from the works (TAI CHI) of Mr. Juming, and all of these elements are integrated into architectural design. Hence, the clean and tidy lines can form the block with strong three dimensional effect; moreover, the movement of raising one’s hand, lifting one’s foot or kicking expresses the strength and esthetics of ” TAI CHI” works.