Bombô Seat

PrizeShortlist in Product Design
ArtistPaula Sertório, Victor Paixão

Designed to use scraps of MDF furniture industry, emerged the Bombô seat. A geometric peel described by 6 pieces that are repeated 12 times, which can be docked in shreds left over from the manufacture furniture. Once they tied ensure the seat structure, functioning as a shell tensioned by the junction of nylon cable ties. Techniques With concentric format the part structurally works as a hamper stitched tape by providing an active voltage directly to the sidewall of the part, the seat promotes a counteraction tensing the structure and stabilizing the joint Materials: Acrylic, Viroc, Valchromat, Pinus, Wodden Plywood or Corian and nylon cable ties Dimensions: 41 cm x ø 63 cm (H x D) Local: São Paulo, Brazil Year: 2013