Wind Forest

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ArtistDalziel + Scullion, Qmulus Ltd., Yeadon Space Agency, ZM Architecture

Wind Forest is a permanent public art project that uses an innovative form of wind power to generate clean energy for approximately 300 homes. It is a key part of a mixed-use development that is being planned for a brownfield site in Glasgow, Scotland. The project features groves of one hundred bladeless wind turbines. They will be planted as a techno-boreal forest that helps reduce carbon emissions. Each of the tall stems will be coloured using a palette that draws from the year-round colours of natural deciduous woodlands in Scotland. A revolution in wind energy, these bladeless stems oscillate and have no gears or bearings. Therefore, they are noiseless, and do not present a hazard to birds. Their small, lazy oscillation, means that they can be placed close together, thus increasing the power density output for each acre of land. This collaborative project was created by artists, engineers, and architects.