V Stool

PrizeHonorable Mention in Product Design
CompanyMasa Ito Design
ArtistMasahiko Ito

As Louis Sullivan says form follows the function. At the same time, I believe the function follows material's attribute. V stool is a innovative and sustainable furniture made of mild steel sheet. Mild steel sheet is thin and light, but after being folded, it acquires rigid and stable aspects. Therefore, V stool consists of four steel sheets without any glue and welding but it is really stable and durable stool. After being melted, it can be perfectly recycled.

Masahiko Ito graduated from Product & Furniture Design course in Kingston University with 1st honour in 2018. After working for Nendo, Michael Marriott and Sebastian Bergne, currently he is working for Drill Design in Tokyo with working as a freelance.