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PrizeHonorable Mention in Advertising
ArtistJacob Muller is an International Award-Winning Photographer. Selfmade digital artist and inspired photographer. ​ Specialized in scenarios and storytelling he can also bring a bit of humor to the story.
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Little Italy This series of images was realized in road trip in May 2017. Having traveled more than 3000km in 13 days, I have the chance to discover beautiful cities and landscapes that I did not know yet. Each time trying to bring out a peaceful feeling in places usually crowded with tourists. So I decided to devote this trip to my perfecting in the image composition more realistic than my usual. In every place visited, I challenged myself to find at any time a commercial concept that could be exploited by tourism or for cities or companies. This roadtrip definitely gives me a taste for detail and history building, so here are 6 images of 10 realized that best describe my trip. FullComposite images