Inner outer worlds

PrizeHonorable Mention in Illustration
Artist Lepe Rosental

These drawings took over a couple of years to get done, and where drawn while travelling around the world. I´m a professional travel photographer and took a whole journey of some seven years. At many stages i´d drawn over a candlelight or a head torch and at other point i was lucky enough not to be in a terrorist attack because of sleeping in after a long drawing journey. My drawings came all along with me through many countries and cultures mostly in India, Thailand, laos, China and Mongolia. None of the drawings where planned at any point, they had all grown as they were flowing. Drawing sizes are about 25 cm x 30 cm so the detail is very small. Most of the objects are part and form a smaller object. so that one can be looking at the drawing in many perspectives. All of them where done with a very fine point black