The Villa with Natural Environment

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design
CompanyWyson Int'l Architecture Interior Design
ArtistWyson Int'l Architecture Interior Design, Chia-Hung Weng

The designer applies the skills pilling up stereoscopic spaces, and brings into existence the comfortable and delicate environment. With the height of five meters in the building, the public area is wide and majestic. The lower ceiling, customized lamps, and the dark stone wall present the idea of atrium and breach upward the stereoscopic space. In the gigantic space, the thick pillars, compared with the lithe staircase, have demonstrated the power penetrating the vertical dimension, and the unlimited imaginations. That the design of two opposite and public courtyards, in which the abstract art painting placed in middle of the symmetrical small window on the left solid wall, the design equally separates the rectangular shapes, moderately adjusts the privacy, and spills the space with elegant style. That the black stairs and relief main wall have brought out the theme of the space.