The Spatial Dialogue of the Classic Era

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design
ArtistFanhwa Interior Decoration Design Co. Ltd., Shao-Chiang Wu / Jui-Yang Kao

This is a commercial interior design project for displaying architectural materials and meeting with potential customers. The designer can revamp the spatial atmosphere to inspire the owner's imagination for creating the space with wonderful dialogue feelings. The basic spatial tone is composed by the long gray wall and wooden floor. On the gray wall, the manual imprints can reflect the craftsman's spirit. Lighting on this wall can generate a special light effect of pearl-like halo and create a variety of spatial expressions. The black and wooden spatial frame lines stretch out in vertical and horizontal dimensions respectively. The vertical and horizontal frames compose the book shelves, and create an interesting tempo in the space. On the top of the path, the dark green frames and the spotlight tracks can bring out an interesting visual effect of different lines layers.