Coffee Hour, the Spare Moment of Life

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design
ArtistHo Chyi Co. Decoration

Located at Tianmu, the noted café adjacent to international schools is a great place for everyone having free time with dessert or a cup of coffee. The design of coffee bar brings the connection among people closer whatsoever talking, reading, pondering, and surfing online. Painted with lively colors, the tall building on the first floor strengthens the intimacy among people. The entrance door, made of by culture stones, enlarges the indoor space by means of the LOFT-style lamps and cabinets. That the ceiling decorated with iron leafs and the wall adorned with hexagonal mosaic bricks give rise to juvenile atmosphere. The Baroque chairs, placed in the fashioned area, make people feel at ease. Painted with wooden colors, the reading room displays stress-relieving tones. By granting different spatial characteristics in each area, the designer makes this place kindly for reception.