Finding answer

PrizeHonorable Mention in Photography
CompanyLAO DONG (Labour) Newspaper
ArtistViet Van Tran

Buddhist Dharma self- learning session at Maha Vihara Forest Monastery, which is a Pariyatti monastery (academic monastery for Buddha Literature) ocupying more than 130 acres compound in Pho Daw Na Kone Village, Hmawbi, Yangon, Myanmar. It is also a meditation centre in Yangon that having more than 1350 monks and novices. The series “Finding answer” is belong to my long-term project named “Dharma and Life” which carried out since 2005, at some countries such as India, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, and Viet Nam. It focused on the life of monks and showed the fragile boundaries between Dharma and Life.

Viet Van Tran was born 1971 in Viet Nam, now living in Hanoi (capital of Viet Nam). He is Vietnamese and received a Cultural Bachelor degree from Cultural University in 1996. Upon graduating he began a career in journalism. Most recently he is a special reporter for Lao Dong Newspaper-one of the largest newspaper in Vietnam. He has had 10 solo exhibitions, including “My mum” in Photometria Festival (Greece) and has been a part of over 45 group exhibitions in Asia, Europe and the USA, including “Fifth Exposure Annual Awards” at Louver Museum, Paris, France (digital).