BMW i11z

PrizeHonorable Mention in Product Design
ArtistNiko Kapa
Design TeamStudio Niko Kapa
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Aerodynamics plays a key role in the design of the BMW i11z, with each detail working towards channeling airflow for greater efficiency. Precise lines and a sweeping silhouette give the appearance that the car is surging forward even when it is standing still. The transparent aerodynamic hood unifies with the windshield and reveals the heart of the car, an efficient TwinPower Turbo 3-cylinder combustion engine. Fluidity is further developed to the design of the interior. A sinuous curve forms the polished touch screen surface of the control panels and extends to create the wing mirrors. At the back, the body forms individual hoods above the seats in order to protect substantially from noise while driving. Vents actively open and close to provide additional cooling, reduce the coefficient of drag, and improve overall aerodynamics. Moreover, the front Air Curtains help channel airflow to cool the engine.